AdobeHDS.php Helper

New AdobeHDS.php Helper from Grab Any Media

Hi all, some users ask me if i can develop an helper tool for AdobeHDS script . Just today I finished developing this little tool that helps some users who do not know very well use the terminal windows / linux / mac

I wrote it in java because it can be run on any operating system, requires:

For the rest you will find everything in the download folder, the tool has built only the most common options, but if you want to add more commented on this post and when I can update it.

DOWNLOAD AdobeHDS Helper (Open Source on GitHub, usage tutorial)

  • Adam Wiemers

    I click on “START” and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      OS ? you have PHP installed ? screenshot for your problem ?

      • Adam Wiemers

        Thank you for your response. Windows 7. I believe I have PHP installed. There was no executable for PHP or an MSI file of any kind. I basically just extracted a compressed file and now I have a “PHP” folder on the root of my C: drive. I’ve included a screen shot, but there’s no error message or anything. I press “START” and the program does nothing. Here’s the manifest URL:,350,640,1000,2000,.mp4.csmil/manifest.f4m?videoId=3791381700001&lineUpId=&pubId=3655502862001&playerId=3657417259001&affiliateId=&g=LDKJVWWYKRWT&hdcore=3.3.0

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          image not found, please post screenshot of response terminal after start.
          Manifest only for your ip

      • Adam Wiemers

        Actually, I’ve made a little progress. I put the “grabanymedia” files and folders into my PHP folder. Now when I run it I get the following error message:

        “You have to install the following extension(s) to continue: ‘curl'”

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          Adam my Helper work into all folder, extract it in to the desktop, if you not have PHP variable sets you can sets it

          OR open cmd terminal (on desktop) and digit >php -v and paste response in this comment

          • Adam Wiemers

            The “php -v” command only works from within the “c:php” directory. I get the following response:

            PHP 5.4.11 (cli) (built: Jan 16 2013 20:26:26)

            By the way, that link shows where to set variables, but doesn’t explain how to set a PHP variable.

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            ok if you want run PHP in all folder follow this example check if your PHP path included

          • Adam Wiemers

            Thank you, that now allows me to run the program from any folder. But I’m still getting the following error message:

            You have to install the following extension(s) to continue: ‘curl’

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            ehm , Firewall ? Antivirus ? for me your firewall 🙂

          • Adam Wiemers

            Got it to work and it wasn’t a firewall issue. Here’s what I did:

            1) Download and install CURL from here:

            2) Enable the curl extension in the php.ini file (by removing the preceding semi-colon which commented that line out)

            3) I discovered that PHP was looking for php_curl.dll in the root of PHP, so I had to move it there from the ‘ext’ directory.

            After that, everything worked. Thanks for all your help and a fantastic program!! 🙂

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            You are welcome 🙂

          • Shaun

            And something small to add. My version of PHP had two files php.ini-development and php.ini-production I made the change to the php.ini-production file as per Israel’s comment above and had to remove the -production part of the file name so it was just php.ini Then the error went away!

          • Israel

            I found a simpler solution:

            1) Replace the line “;extension=php_curl.dll” with “extension=ext/php_curl.dll”

            In other words, uncomment that line and make PHP look into the ‘ext’ folder 🙂

          • Jody Hatton

            YESSS! Hilarious how EASY this solution was … I was all over the place, trying to install Apache, compile crap, get cURL to work … all I had to do was edit the php.ini file as suggested here (from a totally stock/fresh/unmodified download of PHP for Windows) and it worked.

          • Efi Brenner

            Jody can you help me? Toda 🙂

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  • Good afternoon everyone, I’ve been playing around with this wonderful tool for oh, IDK about 9 hours straight now. It was an all nighter and not even any adult material to go with the nerd stuff.
    Anyway here’s what I’ve found out so far and an issue I’m still having.
    I removed the extension from Chrome completely, created a new folder on my local drive (Instead of my external/NAS), re-extracted both the original GAM & this new GAM PHP Help. Once extracted, I put the folder that had the php items into the original “GAM” folder. I then added it like the original video shows, check developer options, click, drag & drop and it was in there.

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  • Dunia Rivas

    This stream is encrypted with FlashAccess DRM. Decryption of such streams isn’t currently possible with this script.

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      This stream ? where is the link ?

  • Dunia Rivas
    • leonardo_ciaccio

      Yes 🙁

  • Dunia Rivas

    You can do something about this video. If you help me I become a fan of the site and collaborate with you.Thanks

  • Dunia Rivas
  • Dunia Rivas
  • Erika

    Hi, I wanna ask if it’s possible to download the video from here ~>
    I did everything as it was shown in the video tutorial, but when I click “start” to join and convert the files into video, nothing seems to happen. Sorry, I’m not a geek or anything, just a girl who needs that video and knows how to google, so please let me know if there is anything obvious I might have missed. Thank you.

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      Hi Erika, no prolem found, you can download this video with AdobeHDS Helper.

      In anycase this is your video 😉

      • enanito

        Hi, I’ve got the same problem with this one:
        I tried the one Erika mentioned before and also nothing happens when I click “Start”.
        What’s our mistake?

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          Hi enanito, without some screenshot of problem i can’t help you and Erika 🙂

          This is your video, no problem with my helper

          • enanito

            Hi Leonardo!
            Thanks for the video. I’m not sure a screenshot would help, but here it is. I click start and everything freezes like this:

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            In output file name insert “irlanda.flv” then click start, after 10/15 seconds make a screenshot and post here 🙂

  • Billa Nathan

    it pickes up everything but is saying the file is encrypted with FlashAccess DRM Please view my Screen shot and please answer me

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      hi Billa, it’s impossible with DRM protection 🙁

      • Billa Nathan

        ohh damm ok 1of this guy told me that there’s M3U8 link there but i cannot find it if i give you the link would you be able to try it you need username and password is there way to send that to you by private and i have purchased a movie there but i have another 24hrs before that expire?

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          yes, link me …

          • Billa Nathan

            thanks for the rapid fast reply how can i send it private i dont know how to send it through here if there any facebook link i can send comment from there

          • Billa Nathan

            I have send it to your Facebook it said it should be in your Other Folder as iam not friend with you on Facebook if you received it please reply

            thanks for helping me

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            hem, send here your link [email protected]

          • Billa Nathan

            ok i have send it thanks

          • mms

            Hi Leonardo
            Have you solved the problem with DRM protection?

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            no 🙁

          • mms

            Ok thx for answer, I cross my fingers 😀

  • Andrewww

    Hi,I wanted to know if is any way to change the quality of the video downloaded when there is available, in my case it shows that it is Available: 1996 1458 1029 707, I want to select for example 1029, but the helper immediately selects the highers resolution (1996), how can I change this??

  • Rogerio

    What can I do? When I start a process, the program show to me:

    Processing manifest info….

    Quality Selection:
    Available: 2105 1298 765 460 257

    Selected : 2105

    then, the program nothing to do…

  • JGB123

    Been trying to get f4m compilation of this on a mac installation: , but to no avail…


    All in one package download for ease of use (tested on Windows):!gcNzgJBI!G9Fep4xKzFPeABTc23McHxUl0Z3JVoLTzb-QR6TS2xc
    It contains AdobeHDS + Helper + PHP + cURL enabled.
    To use it, execute the file “[GrabAnyMedia]AdobeHDS.php.Helper.jar”
    Requires Java installed.

    ^ potresti aggiungere un link del genere nell’articolo, molta gente ha postato di aver avuto problemi nel farlo funzionare, pure io ce ne ho messo un po’. Fantastico strumento ci voleva proprio, funziona che è una bellezza.

  • nymmy1190

    Hi Admin, your tool is great, thks. but now i can’t download Can you show me how to get link from it ? Thks.

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      Hi nymmy1190, yes you can download this video with 2 options:

      First, you can use .m3u8 with apple ituns.

      Second, download all file .ts and join with ffmpeg like this command

      ffmpeg -i “concat:input1.ts|input2.ts|input3.ts” -c copy output.ts

      with ffmpeg you can convert this to any file format

      In next version of Grab Any Media i add a tool for create command line for ffmpeg ( current version of Grab Any Media )

    • leonardo_ciaccio
  • Befuddled1

    Ok, so I downloaded the all in one package, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Maybe telemundo has the files locked up?,350,640,1000,2000,.mp4.csmil/manifest.f4m?videoId=3791381700001&lineUpId=&pubId=3655502862001&playerId=3657417259001&affiliateId=&g=LDKJVWWYKRWT&hdcore=3.3.0

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      Hi, link me to video not to .f4m manifest …

  • Philip Kenny

    Trying to use this on Ubuntu 14.04, and when I try to press the start button, it says I need AdobeHDS.php in the libs folder. But it already is there.

  • I’ve 700 fragments but the Helper stops at 99…

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      link me

      • ??

      • Just tried another one and it’s stopped on 99…

  • Cloclo

    Hi, the video I want to download is 697 f4f fragments, but it stops after the 8.
    Here is the video :
    Could you help? Any idea ?

  • Opa

    Hi there! Yours is an amazing program, thanks for sharing! Anyway, I get the same error:

    “You have to install the following extension(s) to continue: ‘curl'”

    I’ve installed curl, and checked the php.ini file, but yet nothing happens.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Michele Amati

    Ciao, sai per caso dirmi se il tuo tool funziona con i video di vvvvid? Te ne posto uno a caso, tanto sono tutti “serviti” alla stessa maniera!show/179/fatestay-night-unlimited-blade-works/167/458567/prologo

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      Ciao @micheleamati:disqus , facile facile, vai tranquilo 😉

      • Michele Amati

        Grazie per la velocissima riposta! Il tuo helper java ci pensa un po’ poi dice “Processing manifest info…. Failed to load xml”, il video con cui ho provato è lo stesso del mio primo post, più precisamente il frammento è,300,9.73,0,46,3599,23.73,0,0,156,f,4.09,2879.4,f,s,XXFGUNJOSOWK,3.6.0,156&hdcore=3.6.0&plugin=aasp- sbaglio qualcosa?

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          Io ho scaricato un episodio senza problemi, segui i commenti mi sembra che un utente aveva un problema simile, credo gli mancasse ‘curl’ installato …

          • Michele Amati

            Non riesco a trovare quel commento, comunque curl ce l’ho, e apparentemente funziona perché se sposto la libreria php_curl.dll l’errore cambia in “You have to install the following extension(s) to continue: ‘curl'”. Fallisce alla riga 419 di AdobeHDS dove fa: $xml = simplexml_load_string(trim($cc->response)); si lamenta che non è un xml ben formato.

          • Michele Amati

            Ok ultimo aggiornamento, non so perché ma l’estensione per chrome non riesce a catturare il manifest, però l’applicazione sniffer URL Snooper ci riesce, e col manifest tutto funziona come dovrebbe 😀 grazie mille

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            vai nelle opzioni e controlla le dimensioni dei file da catturare e il tipo di file .xml, vai tranquillo che Grab Any Media spacca di brutto 😉

          • Michele Amati

            aaaa mannaggia, sai quante volte sono passato davanti a quell’impostazione senza realizzare che in effetti il manifest è minuscolo? adesso funziona grazie ancora

  • Nona

    I have 600 fragments downloaded, now what?

  • Tamsil Amani

    I get this error when I try to downnload any video from and when I download the fragments manually and after keeping them in the fragments folder it shows that they are encrypted with Akai DRM. How do I download video from that site?

  • kweiss

    can someone try this link if it works? I dont seem to get it working:

  • Hiba Neameh

    i need help i want to download from but i do not know how can u help please

  • Arete0904

    Is there any way to download multiple videos at simultaneously? I tried just opening multiple windows of the helper, but this caused some of the windows to stop downloading (manifest could not get access anymore).

  • jjong0805

    I can’t find the manifest file or f4f on All I see are a bunch of .ts files, I tried looking for m3u8 files too but haven’t been able to find one. Please make a tutorial on how to download from please.

  • Efi Brenner

    Hey 🙂
    Does it work with f2f as well? and how do i install that php ?? 🙁

  • Efi Brenner

    Hey 🙂
    Does it work with f2f as well? and how do i install that php ?? 🙁

  • Никто Никто

    Hi but now i can’t download (f4m) Can you show me how to get link from it ?

  • Please help me how to download this video frag f4m