Download Video from

Download video with RTMPDump and RTMPDump Helper

In this video i show you how download video from with RTMPDump and RTMPDump Helper.

Most important use Internet Explorer for grab and download your video, this operation is very simple for and al website with streaming protocoll rtmp://; etc…

If you have problem comment this post, if you like Grab Any Media please share it.

New version with VLC, enjoy 😉

  • Ilya (or just Jimmy)

    How do you download archive broadcasts that already on younow? I’ve searched all the internet, and tried to use Grab Any Media, but still nothing

  • Mike Adams

    doesn’t work. you suck

  • nikisby

    Here’s a Windows script to download YouNow videos:

  • JJ

    I can download as metioned above in the program but the file in the save folder has 0 byte! So i cannot play any video!
    What went wrong? I tried it from firefox and also from the IE eplorer…

    • jessa DC

      same with me its always incomplete,anyone with a solution?

  • leonardo_ciaccio