How to download video on

  • 001.Chaturbate
  • 002.Chaturbate
  • 003.Chaturbate
  • 003bis.Chaturbate
  • 004.Chaturbate
  • 005.Chaturbate
  • Chaturbate

Ok, do not think I’m a pervert or something, I have swamped with messages on how to download videos from, I was forced to make a slideshow where I describe the steps to download the video.

Chaturbate is a site where ordinary people masturbate and / or have sex in front of the webcam, totally free but you can also pay for a private show, the choice is very wide, straight, gay, group, and so on and so forth 🙂

I could make a video because YouTube would have canceled in 5 seconds, however the slide you can see what are the steps to download the live streaming using VLC, if the video format (slide 6) does not correctly display the video try to change it with other formats, if you can find a good setup post it in the comments.
Say no more because you do not know your sexual tastes, now I can not send messages to these things because they put me in trouble XD

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  • Loka

    I tried, in the end it said “VLC isnt working anymore”

  • gerodot

    hi, does anyone know how to download from ??