• john2j

    Thanks so much!

  • Gina Arauz

    I used to use this extension on Chrome and it worked all the time. Now whenever I try to get a video, I click on the icon and it just stays that way without actually opening the window to show/save the video file. Does anybody know how I can fix this or update or SOMETHING?

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      Hi Gina, post link to download and i test it …
      for adult content send me your link in P.M.

      • Gina Arauz

        It happens every time. It’s not just once. I click the button and it stays stuck as “clicked” (meaning it goes to dark gray) but the window never opens.

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          strange, GAM work fine, remove and reinstall ?

          • Gina Arauz

            I’m getting it to work on other sites. For some reason it seems to stop responding on solarmovie.is

          • leonardo_ciaccio

            no problems for me, work fine !

  • doctorzaius

    I’m having a hard time to download this video: http://relaunch.mtv.com.br/videos/papitoinlove-1temporada-episodio01/

    I managed to get this link, but JDownloader won’t download it:

  • jg arias

    It really works, thanks soo much :))) ! First I click on the tap “Found media on”, then click “Check”, then in the .XML file it’s the part of the direction url of the video that i was watching !!!! Finally write the url found and download directly

  • SaveTheSalmon

    Does this work with the play store?