How To Install PHP

Install PHP on Windows, Linux or MAC you can find more information here

After installing PHP, very simple operation, I would like to focus on a very important point in this article where I announced my plan to help users to use AdobeHDS.php script, a user with problems in using my program and I noticed among other things that PHP had no set system variables.

What does it mean? if we open a terminal (windows) and type “php -v” (to display the version), we realize that the terminal it says that the program is not recognized, in this case we should open a terminal in the installation folder of PHP to properly display the information.

How to open any folder in PHP ? Simple as demonstrated by this passage to enable this function, we need to set the Environment Variable to understand where to find the path to windows every time we call PHP


I am sure that the image explains very well the concept, if you have questions or if you want to delve do not forget to comment on this post.

  • enigma

    sorry, but i still cannot understand

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      what you not understand ?

      • enigma

        can you upload a video on full tutorial? which it on php. I download which better to download , to extract, to edit, and the other. But, on system properies I can do it. You know, I’ve try it, and the results is error, “msvcr110.dll missing..” sorry, for my bad english

  • I don’t understand, probably because some of yours is in English, but the parts I need to be certain of are in Spanish or something similar, which I’m clearly not fluent in!! 🙁 I’d just like to know if I had this line in, where I’ve highlighted in the screenshot. Will I need to move where I currently unpacked all these extension files too? Meaning, if I put a C:Program FilesPHP; line in on this, will I need to move these unpacked extensions to that php folder now?

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      no, now you can run php everywhere, open terminal (cmd) type:

      php -v

      if you see the version you can run my helper, if you not see the php version and if you want run my helper put it in C:Program FilesPHP folder

      • enigma

        excuse me leonardo_ciaccio , you when I try the same ways on your video, it show you need to install curl. How to do that?

        • leonardo_ciaccio

          From users on this discussion

          Got it to work and it wasn’t a firewall issue. Here’s what I did:

          1) Download and install CURL from here:

          2) Enable the curl extension in the php.ini file (by removing the preceding semi-colon which commented that line out)

          3) I discovered that PHP was looking for php_curl.dll in the root of PHP, so I had to move it there from the ‘ext’ directory.

          After that, everything worked. Thanks for all your help and a fantastic program!! 🙂

    • enigma

      which version did you download ?

  • Jinsu Lim