Installation of Grab Any Media
Tutorial from v3.2.1.4, update this video every change
In this section you can choose which files to intercept, video, audio, doc. The documents are important to find references to protocols rtmp :/ /, etc used for streaming pure. Unlike the video and audio that can be downloaded directly, the need of other streaming applications to be able to record content such as "RTMPDump" and others. At the moment Chrome does not allow the download or the interception of streaming protocols, as soon as possible Grab Any Media will be updated.
When Grab Any Media is activated begins to intercept the file you selected for all Tab In this list you will find video and audio files as well as documents that contain the references streaming, Grab Any Media automatically scans the file indicating success or failure. Also scans the name of the link "LINK" and the content of the pages where the media file by returning the part containing the link or part of it "SOURCE"
Ok I think I understand the operation is very simple, open Grab any media, select the file types to intercept and click on "Listen" at this point you open or reload the page where the video resides, Grab Any Media will capture all files you select.