Installation and Usage of Grab Any Media

Installation and Usage of Grab Any Media

As you can see from the video is a very simple operation, just drag the unzipped in the Extensions section of Chrome and you’re done.

What is even easier to understand what’s the Grab Any Media, this tool helps you to download video, audio and streaming from almost all websites, we must consider that there are a billion player with as many configurations so a technique that is good for a site is not good for another.

In this regard Grab Any Media offers the opportunity to analyze the source of the page and all loaded assets to identify those that could be references for download and provide important information for the use of external tools.
This superb extension has been banned from the Google Web Store because it violates the policy of the site or encourages piracy by offering tools for copyright infringement, said this we note that other extensions are still present on the Web Store this because they do not work well how does Grab Any Media.
This project is open source, anyone can open the folder and view the source and assess their reliability.

  • xDmOx

    Looks like has changed up things and defeats GAM, along with a number of other tools 🙁

    • leonardo_ciaccio

      mmmm, thanks !

      • xDmOx

        Awesome work by the way on GAM! Pretty awesome to use in combination with JDownloader!
        Definitely appreciate your efforts!

        As for Crackle, they definitely changed up something a few days ago as GAM is no longer able to detect any media files at all from that site other than FLV files from RTMP capture. GAM Work fine else where though.

  • Sam Smith

    Does it work on platform?