Tutorial | How to use RTMPDump with Grab Any Media

In this video tutorial i show you how to use RTMPDump with Grab Any Media for download video on some site ( example on Windows 7 ).


  • Grab Any Media ( coming-soon, subscribe to newsletters for news event )
  • RTMPDump
  • No copyright infringement,  in this video i use MTV ONDEMAND website only for example, do not download video from here.

Command-line.txt it’s not provided in RTMPDump this is the common configuration, RTMPDump it’s a professional tool with more option.

Content of command-line.txt:

"path_of_rtmpdump\rtmpdump.exe" -r "rtmp:// path" -o "path_for_output_video\video.flv" -W ".swf file for verification"

    For Windows users, I strongly suggest to use RTMPExplorer to get the job done as fast as possible, since using command lines with this program every time may be very slow and annoying. The program detects automatically the required parameters thanks to rtmpsuck/rtmpsrv