The best alternative to VLC

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I’ve tried several, the absolute best results to be MPC-HC or
Media Player Classic – Home Cinema

Because I had to find an alternative to VLC ? simple, because it started to fail, are several weeks that when I use it to see a movie skips audio for 5/7 seconds at a time, at the beginning I thought of a problem with the file itself but then I realized that VLC just produced those changes in the audio.

At this point I started looking for a player that had certain characteristics, among which, the most important, at least two, portable (on USB key) and that performed all existing formats (.mkv, .avi, etc .. .) and after some tests I dwelt on MPC-HC, finally, fluidity and reproduction quality all in a lightweight and fast application.

I’m not tied to this project but if you need to change VLC like me then I recommend you try and use it, I do not dwell on the technical characteristics because I’m sure you will go now to try it and you will read the features on the official website of MPC- HC

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