How To Install PHP

Install PHP on Windows, Linux or MAC you can find more information here

After installing PHP, very simple operation, I would like to focus on a very important point in this article where I announced my plan to help users to use AdobeHDS.php script, a user with problems in using my program and I noticed among other things that PHP had no set system variables.

What does it mean? if we open a terminal (windows) and type “php -v” (to display the version), we realize that the terminal it says that the program is not recognized, in this case we should open a terminal in the installation folder of PHP to properly display the information.

How to open any folder in PHP ? Simple as demonstrated by this passage to enable this function, we need to set the Environment Variable to understand where to find the path to windows every time we call PHP


I am sure that the image explains very well the concept, if you have questions or if you want to delve do not forget to comment on this post.