Pay for download videos

Hi friends, why pay to download videos? I make a very important premise, Grab Any Media is an extension free and open source and other accessories that I propose are also all free.
In recent years I have helped anyone to download video, to the extent possible and legal, but some of you do not behave well demanding performance that remain favorable.

They asked me if I am a reliable person, this offends me, anyone can contact me, I have no nickname but use my name, affidabie more of this …
So from now on if I want that drains your videos for you these are the conditions:

  • Contact me via the form on this site
  • In exceptional cases, I provided your credentials to access and download your video, if the video is accessible by anyone credentials do not serve
  • I paid only if I can download the video
  • € 5 for download to 500mb
  • € 7 to 2GB
  • € 10 over 2GB
  • € 5 to add to download if you want to convert it to other formats

Not traded on prices because you can not, I hope not to offend anyone, but because some of you are forced to charge me for my services, I still remember once Grab Any Media is free and you are perfectly able to download it yourself your videos.