Tutorial | How to use RTMPDump with Grab Any Media

In this video tutorial i show you how to use RTMPDump with Grab Any Media for download video on some site ( example on Windows 7 ).


  • Grab Any Media ( coming-soon, subscribe to newsletters for news event )
  • RTMPDump
  • No copyright infringement,  in this video i use MTV ONDEMAND website only for example, do not download video from here.

Command-line.txt it’s not provided in RTMPDump this is the common configuration, RTMPDump it’s a professional tool with more option.

Content of command-line.txt:

"path_of_rtmpdump\rtmpdump.exe" -r "rtmp:// path" -o "path_for_output_video\video.flv" -W ".swf file for verification"